Madrid / Spain Nov 21-22
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We are the IT crowd, and we deserve a day to talk about our craft.

Computer Science is a motor of the economy: we control airports and hospitals, keep transactions and invoices flowing, and store passwords, documents and kitten pictures. Hell, we even did what we could for the banks.

We live in a sector that reinvents itself every six months, where it would be easy to just relax and stop chasing after the next new and shiny thing. Codemotion is this day in which we sit down to talk about all that we have in common, stepping aside everything that makes us different.

Open to all languages and technologies


Codemotion gets all the IT communities in Spain together for two days. We take an entire university building to present the best of each technology and get you far away from your comfort zone.


Universidad San Pablo CEU, Campus de Montepríncipe (Boadilla del Monte, Madrid) View in map

The parking has a limited capacity, and there will be many of us. We recommend to take the public transport, which is surprisingly easy:

Universidad San Pablo CEU

Metro ligero: L3 (direction Puerta de Boadilla, drop at MontePríncipe)

Bus: 571, 573, 574

We have hired a bus service connecting directly to Plaza de España just in case.

THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS "CAMPUS DE MONCLOA". Please double-check your GPS instructions.